What is a Spotting Scope?


Simply, a Best spotting scope is a small refractor or catadioptric astronomical telescope with erect image. The spotting scope mounts to a photographic/ video tripod for stability while using it. Any spotting scope has two basic functions: 1.To gather more light than the unaided human eye does 2.To enlarge the image of what you’re looking … Read more

Ringside boxing gloves

Ringside boxing gloves are made by ringside company (IMF Tech) company. A reputable company that has been making gloves and boxing equipment for the past 30 years. Merging extraordinary quality, value, old-school, craftsmanship with advanced technology, Ringside’s boxing equipment is known to be well-made, long-lasting, and resilient both inside and outside the ring. Ringside boxing … Read more

Boxing Shoes for Women

If you are a boxer in training, or enjoy boxing for the exercise that it gives you, boxing shoes for women can help you ‘up’ your game to the next level.  Many people are tempted to forego the added expensive of buying boxing shoes for the sport that they love, and to just train solely … Read more

ASICS GEL-Blur33 for women

The ASICS GEL Blur 33 is not only a flashy running shoe, but also feels very comfortable and light on your feet. Read this review to find out more. The ASICS GEL-Blur33 offers a great balance between comfort and value. This ASICS running shoe comes in a variety of colors that look very flashy and … Read more

Running Shoes for Overpronators

Recently updated and improved, these running shoes for overpronators have exceeded our expectations.  Yes, they provide tremendous relief for runners with flat feet, but the premium cushioning feature does an amazing job of keeping your feet stable while providing maximum shock absorption.  Only experienced runners can truly appreciate the comfort generated by the large toe … Read more